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Soulo Straight Mute, the best straight mute with perfect pitch and aerodynamic shape.

Ok, we are not being shy, but here is why. Every time we start to design a new product we look at all the current products in that category and what we do and what we don’t like about them. This mute was no different. There are so many qualities to the metal straight mute that we love, not surprisingly, which makes them so in demand by all trumpet players. But boy oh boy do they all have some issues! First and as always most important is the pitch. Prior to Soulo Straight Mute, there was no straight mute that played in tune. We checked them all, note by note. We then designed our patent pending aerodynamic shape with crimp-free connection and perfect hemispherical bottom and improved not only the pitch but also the playability. Soulo Straight mute is very easy on the chops and free-blowing. It projects well with a brilliant sound liked by classical, commercial, jazz and all other musicians. Soulo Straight Mute is the mute of choice for professional trumpet players like Wayne Bergeron, James Ackley, Rob Schaer and the Hollywood Bowl trumpet section, the LA Philharmonic and many others.

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