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How does Soulo Bucket Mute compare to Humes and Berg Bucket Mute, an article in Brass Review Magazine

When I bought this mute a few weeks ago, I was not sure if I needed a replacement for my traditional Humes & Berg bucket mute. (seems like I’ve only ever sent this model used by my fellow players.)

The Soulo mute is easy to clip on the bell of my Bach (actually easier than my Humes & Berg), and was easy to adjust into both a traditional position, and also a tilted position. This allowed for a difference in “tone”, that I was not aware possible with a bucket mute.

I have found this mute blends well with others in my big band section, and also has a very good tone & intonation for various jazz ensembles I play in.

The price is $68, which is quite a bit more than the $25 Humes/Berg bucket mute, but can honestly say this mute is worth the extra price. Also, have found I use it as not just a bucket mute, but also as a fit between my cup mute, and my old bucket mute.

I would highly recommend this mute to add to your collection (that you will actively use).

Full review can be found:

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