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Soulo Adjustable Cup, modern design with the sound of Ray Robinson

When we set out to design our cup mute for trumpet, we knew two things for certain: it needed to have the old, traditional “cup” sound of the Ray Robinson, and Mica mute, but unlike those amazing sounding mutes, we wanted the Soulo cup to also have a perfect pitch. It took a total of 6 months to design the Soulo Adjustable Cup. We used the same We made it adjustable, so that all bell sizes could enjoy it without having to file down their corks. There is a point in the adjustable setting, which each trumpet player has to find, where the Soulo Mute sounds almost identical to the Ray Robinson, Mica cup mutes. We were proud we managed to create this mute and help the community of trumpet players who were paying upwards of $300 to restore their old Ray Robinson, Mica and Shastock mutes. Anyone can now afford to sound as amazing as these old school mutes would have made them to, for less than $60. The added bonus of the Soulo Cup mute is that it is also very free blowing and easy to play, in addition to having a perfect pitch.

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