What makes the Soulo Trombone Cup Mute the best most versatile mute on the trombone mute market?

In short, this mute offers the best of both worlds – vintage sound yet modern features. Let’s look at it more specifically. Everyone knows the old Ray Robinson and Humes and Berg trombone cup mutes sound amazing, exactly as a cup mute should sound. However they do struggle with the pitch – we have designed our trombone cup mute to solve that problem.  It is built from the same fiber material as old vintage mutes, but with an improved modern design, with an adjustable setting.  Additionally, the build of our Trombone Adjustable Cup features our LOW REGISTER RECOVERY™ process which eliminates any “squirrelly” notes on virtually every trombone.

The result is that Soulo Trombone Cup mute sounds like the vintage mutes, but is perfectly in tune and plays up and down the horn with no dead notes.   In addition, its light, specially formulated composite material allows for minimal back-pressure and makes it very easy to play.

Also very importantly, Soulo Cup Mute for trombone is considerably lighter (only 6.6oz) than other metal adjustable cups for trombone. It is perfect for performance and sound recordings, as well as fast mute changes. This trombone cup mute will never fall out the bell, because it is light weight and has unique neoprene composite corks. Soulo adjustable cup mute for trombone makes for a great straight mute in a pinch, when you completely remove the cup part.

​The adjustable settings allow for a very versatile sound. Therefore any trombone player can blend perfectly in a section comprised of different brands of trombone cup mutes.

Mike and Elena Jarosz designed and handcrafted this mute in NJ, USA.

Additional Information

Weight 1.0625 lbs
Dimensions 11.874 × 7.625 × 7.625 in


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